Happy Nurses Week! A Nursing Central Giveaway!

Unbound Medicine has provided the writer of this post with a copy of Nursing Central to review and will be providing reader’s with a chance to win a free copy. All opinions are entirely my own.

Happy Nurse’s Week everyone! In all honesty I believe that we as nurses should be appreciated all year-long (or at least for an entire month). However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take all the cake, pizza lunches and swag given out at work this week that I can get.

Not to mention free stuff.

Free stuff is pretty awesome, especially when it is useful! Am I right?

This week, I have had the opportunity to pair up with Unbound Medicine so that I can tell you all about Nursing Central, provide you or your employer with a coupon code for 20% off, and to offer a copy, valued at @ $169.95, FREE to one lucky reader!

How cool is that?!

What Is Nursing Central?

Nursing Central is the premier source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses and students alike. It also includes a dictionary, literature searching and study system. This means that you can get quick answers whenever you need them – on your mobile device, tablet or on the web.

Not only can you buy and access all this information on your smart phone or tablet, but you can also sign in on Unbound Medicine at your work site or at home using a user name and password. This way, no one will think that you are surfing Facebook on your phone when in actuality you are trying to calculate the correct dosage of a medication or looking up your patient’s diagnosis.

In addition, you can let your employer know that site licenses are available for schools, universities, hospitals, government agencies and companies – so that your entire unit can have access to the accurate, up-to-date information that nurses need to provide quality care.

What’s Included?


  • Clinical Calculators – Agpar score, Glasgow Coma Score, Urine Output and Pregnancy Due Dates and many more
  • Conversion Calculators – Height, Temperature, Time, Volume and Weight Conversion
  • Dosage Calculators – IV Drip Rate, IV Pump Rate, PO Dosage Calculators

  Davis’s Drug Guide

Drugs can be searched through the search bar on top or within various indexes, such as by generic or brand name index, natural and herbal index, or by classification of the drug.

 Davis’s Lab & Diagnostic Tests

I love this part of Nursing Central. Have you ever had a physician order some obscure test that you have never even heard of before let alone know how to order it? Search for it on here and you will be one step closer to looking like you know what you’re doing! This includes common uses, normal findings, indications, potential diagnoses, and critical findings. So helpful.

 Diseases & Disorders

Includes every disease and disorder known to man. You can either choose to search for a specific condition, or you can peruse at your leisure and educate yourself on interesting illnesses you may come face-to-face with later in your nursing career. I used to love going through my nursing dictionary while I was in school, but this is so much more handy as an application on your phone!

 Selected Medline Journals

Quickly search over 22 million journal articles from the PubMed database on your smart phone and tablet. Results contain abstracts, citations, and links to available full text articles which can be easily shared with classmates and colleagues. This aspect of Nursing Central provides access to a select amount of full text research articles. I love having access to some research journals to back-up my nursing practice.

 Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Taber’s Medical Dictionary is a comprehensive health science dictionary featuring over 65,000 terms. It includes up-to-date information, illustrations and videos about medical terminology, symptoms, procedures, diseases, anatomy, skills and tools used as a nurse. Great info for seasoned nurses, nursing students and new grads alike!

Important Things To Know

  • Nursing Central primarily follows the United States standards of care and practices, so you may need to double-check your practices if you live in another country such as Canada. It attempts to be as inclusive as possible – it even has a Canadian index within the nursing drug guide
  • When you purchase or win Nursing Central, you are buying a year subscription. Once you download the Nursing Central application to your device, you will be able to use it even after your subscription runs out. However, you will not receive updates, you won’t be able to switch devices and you will not be able to access the site using your username and password on a computer.
  • Once Nursing Central downloaded to your mobile/tablet device, you will not need internet to access the content. No need to fear when Wi-Fi isn’t available, the content is always ready for you. The only time internet is needed is during the initial download, to look up information from Medline Journals (since it references citations from PubMed) and to incorporate any updates from the publisher.
  • With an active account, Nursing Central updates content directly from the publisher when it is available. This means that there is no waiting for the next textbook to be printed. Any changes made to the resources are sent to your devices and the web.
  • Nursing Central can be purchased individually through the Unbound Medicine website or your devices app store. They also do site licenses through institutions that often recommend or require it for their students. If students want to know if their school has a site license set up, they can contact sales@unboundmedicine.com

If you don’t end up winning the FREE copy of Nursing Central, you can still win big by getting a 20% discount until 5/13/16 as a THANK YOU for Nurse’s Week. Just use the discount code: NNW2016 for 20% off

Contest is open to both Canadian and US residents until May 11/16 @ 12AM EST. Good luck!

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