Don’t Confuse Your Google Search with My Nursing Degree

The following excerpt is from an article written for Nurse Together by The Mama Nurse titled “Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Nursing Degree”. It is about the difference between a nurse’s degree and a simple Google search. I am completely all for patient’s (including new moms) going on the internet to learn and research, but it must be done with caution.

Use your critical thinking, and trust your instincts.

Don’t use the internet to decide how acute your (or your child’s!) health problem is – instead you should talk to a qualified health professional as soon as possible.

When researching, keep a log of health-related questions that you can ask your doctor at your next appointment.

Basically, don’t take the internet for gospel. Including my site! Even with the research that I do and the nursing education that I have, the information I provide is not as personal to you as a triage Nurse’s assessment in the emergency department or at your doctor’s office.

Moral of the story is if you or your child are really sick, don’t waste your time on the internet. Get to a hospital straight away!

Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Nursing Degree

In the last few weeks, the following picture has been floating around the internet and it has caught my eye:

Ain’t this the truth! 😉

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It states, “Please do not confuse your Google search with my nursing degree”. While this gave me a good chuckle, it also means a lot to me as a nurse and mom of two. I know first-hand that Google searches don’t do our patients any good.

However, I am not going to preach that no one should perform research on the internet – Oh no. Because you know who else uses the internet besides the general public?

Nurses. AND Doctors!


But do you know what sets us apart in our internet searches?

Oh, I’ll tell you what.

The fact that we have spent countless hours researching scholarly articles while completing our nursing degree. We have completed assignments that have taught us how to determine whether a website is trustworthy and we know that proper references should be within 10 years of the written article in order to be considered relevant. Our nursing degrees have trained us to decipher inaccurate details from relevant information, we have taken a research and statistics course and we can use this information along with our critical thinking skills for the greater good.

For the rest of this article on Nurse Together, click HERE!

do not confuse your google search with my nursing degree


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  • September 15, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Great concept and I loved that photo you shared :):)

  • September 20, 2016 at 7:19 am

    This is so true! I’m definitely guilty of this, but it’s never been over any big issues. I always hate looking up symptoms on the internet because it almost always says you have something really really bad.
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