Death Becomes New Life: Nurses Witness the Beginning and End

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Death Becomes New Life

I work in a small town hospital on a medical, surgical, palliative (end of life), obstetrical and postpartum floor. Though we are a low-risk centre, our nurses look after everyone from your newborn baby to your elderly neighbour with Congestive Heart Failure. I love being a small town nurse. Our skills are so varied and there is always something new to learn.

There may be a severe lack of government funding at this hospital, but there has never been a lack of heart.

During my day shift, one of the patients on the floor was dying of lung cancer, a terrible disease that robs your ability to breathe. I have been told that it is like you have a perpetual feeling of being unable to catch your breath. When we came in that morning, it was clearly evident that the panic had set in.

She was up and down, silagra 50 mg online ringing the call bell frequently, asking for help but couldn’t tell us what with. She knew that she didn’t have long. One nurse remarked that she could smell the cancer on this patient’s breath. We all knew it would be soon.

The following night she was unresponsive.

As the number of family members steadily grew and her breathing became more apneic, I cared for her dying body. I repositioned her, applied cool cloths to her forehead, provided mouth care and gave frequent doses of pain medications.

I didn’t know this patient well at all, but I tried to care for her as if she was my own family member.

I thought of my Nanny, who had died of lung cancer years ago and who I didn’t get to say goodbye to. I was young and had been shielded from her altered, incapacitated state, and yet it was as if I was looking after her now.

I thought of my husband’s uncle, who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer just this week. It has spread and the cancer has been deemed inoperable. The whole family has been shaken with grief.

with death comes new life

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