Who am I?

An obstetrical nurse in a rural community. I get to help bring new life into this world and help new families transition into parenthood. I am the knower of all things. The bringer of drugs. The one always on your side.

A mom in love with her children. I had thought I knew it all about labour, birth and children from my experience as an OB nurse. But nope. How silly of me. Having not one, but two (very different) children has quickly taught me that I, in fact, do not know silagra 100 everything (ha!) and nothing will ever happen as planned. I will never get out of the house on time. Showers are almost nonexistent. The house will always be messy. There will be times when I don’t know where that smell is coming from. I am learning to accept it.

So what does that mean for my readers? I am putting what knowledge I have acquired from raising two adorable children and assisting hundreds of women with their labours and postpartum care all together into (hopefully) an enjoyable and informative read. Thank you!

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