About the Mama Nurse

Who am I?

A Registered Nurse, living in a rural community in Ontario, Canada. I get to bring new life into this world and help new families transition into parenthood. I am the knower of things. The bringer of drugs. The one always on your side.

A Mama in love with her children. Having two adorable, very different children quickly taught me that I do not know everything. Nothing ever happens as planned. I never get out of the house on time. Showers are almost non-existent. The house is always messy. I never know where that smell is coming from.

I am trying to learn to just accept it. I am still trying to figure it all out, just like you.

So, what does all of this mean for my readers? I am going to put the knowledge silagra 50 mg india that I have acquired from raising two children and assisting hundreds of women with their labours, delivery and postpartum care all together into (hopefully) an enjoyable, funny and informative read.

Thank you!


Xo, The Mama Nurse

20160825_064959Disclaimer: While I am a Registered Nurse and strive to give the most accurate information to both patients and readers alike, readers must be aware that this is a personal blog which also includes my own thoughts, feelings and experiences. I do research topics prior to writing, but I am not liable for any misinformation printed on this blog whether by accident or from a changed recommendation. Always listen to and seek assistance from your local Health Care Provider as needed. Thank you!